Both videos above talk about equilibrium and balance; one talking about vertigo and loss of balance and the other one talking about the vestibular system.

Balance is the ability to control equilibrium

(The Ear) is a complex machine of the body it conforms the vestibular system and it is a main part of the balance of the body. even though many think that the ear is solely for hearing but it actually has more to it than the usual stereotype for the ear. the ear is the center of all balance as explained in the vestibular system :maintaining balance presentation. basically what that presentation is abouthow does the vestibular system does its job. The system consist of two types of movements which are rotation and movement along a line. in this case the lines are composed of X,Y, and Z axis' the liquid in the vestibular system lets the body know the kind of movement the body has, and through what axis is moving, giving it constant feedback for balance therefore maintaining it in constant control.

The ear, being a complex part of the body it is also very important because it keeps you balanced. a thing to understand is that balance is a very special and unique because it makes us look normal, people wouldn't be happy without balance, that would be like a world full of drunk people. being drunk doesn't look good on a person and it would't make us function any better, that's why humans need balance.

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