The Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye

Wordle: The Eye

The phrase "Love at first sight" is a real thing. The anatomy behind the phrase and studies suggest that when a person sees someone they are attracted to, their pupils will dilate. The brain releases a surge of dopamine ( which is a chemical that controls the reward and pleasure centers) that triggers pupil dilation. So when someone says "it's love at first sight" this is really what's happening.

Vision Quiz:
1.)What muscles are responsible for the movement of the eye?
A. Orbicularis Oris
B. Deltoid
C. Temporalis

2.) Which parts protect the eye from injury?
A. Pupils
B. Lids and epithelium of cornea
C. Retina

3.) Give one example of a messenger for the eye. ( sends sensory information to the brain)

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