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Taste is a wonderfully delicious part of everyday life and is thought of by some as the best of the special senses*, but there is more to it than you would think. How we taste and what we taste can be very complex yet simple and fascinating.

*Your special senses are sight, smell, hearing, balance and taste.

Did you know?


The tongue is the only muscle that is connected to the rest of the body on one side

You have taste buds not only on your tongue but also on the roof of your mouth, and in your larynx and esophagus

When your eat spicy foods it is not your taste buds reacting, it is the pain receptors located in your tongue

Taste is directly linked to your other special senses

Taste is triggered only by foods whose chemical compound can be dissolved in water
You can develop phantom taste and some treatments for certain diseases (such as chemo therapy) can cause taste loss.

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Do you like to go to the movies? Ever wondered what's really is going in when you eat popcorn, candy, or a pickle at the movies. Cheek out the "Taste Anatomy" link to see the explanation why these treats taste the way the do!

Taste Anatomy

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Hate being sick? Now Imagine eating your favorite food. Scrumptious and oh so yummy!! Now imagine trying that same food when you are sick.... its just not the same. See the "taste Physiology" link below to see why that is.

Taste Physiology